Introducing Miracle Lab

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Jules & The Fritz
Jules & The Fritz
Introducing Miracle Lab

And we’re back with the first episode of the new year! I’m so thankful to all of you that text to let us know that you missed us. Josh and I are excited to talk about this big step in our lives, here with you on the podcast.

In this episode, hear our intentions for 2021 as Josh & I share:

  • The call we feel for our lives and our work
  • How sometimes it takes lots of years to get clarity
  • Why I’m ready and finally owning it

Please drop a comment or text 229-206-9280 and let us know what landed with you. Use this link to add me as a contact to your phone now: Jules’ contact card

The Miracle Lab is now open, please check it out at

Sending love and blessings from Hopeful, GA

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