Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

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Jules Loves Me
Jules Loves Me
Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Let’s Talk: Sharing while Healing, Impostor Syndrome, and How I’m Overcoming it

In this episode, Josh and I cover:

  • How to share your heart in the midst of healing, even when you’re still hurting.
  • When shame creeps in to make you feel bad about your progress when you hit a low point.
  • Becoming aware of the story you’re telling.
  • The fear of not being the real deal and how to make that go away.

If you’d like me to take you to church on your worth and letting your light shine, check out my sermon Radical Self Love: https://julesloves.me/podcast/radical-self-love

Song: Shine, Be Glorious by Amy Steinberg
Find more of Amy’s music and work on www.amysteinberg.net

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