Radical Self Love

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Spiritual Family Gatherings
Spiritual Family Gatherings
Radical Self Love

Radical self love. What does it mean? What does it feel like? Sound like? What’s the purpose? 

I’ve been trying to get out of my own way so I can be in alignment with God’s will. It sounds like a lot of work because it is! 

But not because God’s will is so heavy and filled with things I don’t want to do. It’s because my old thinking and limited beliefs about myself is what stands in my way. It’s a block. Like a giant boulder blocking the natural flow of water. 

But why does this matter in the bigger picture of my life right now? With all that’s going on in the world. What does my self worth have to do with it? What is the purpose? 

On Palm Sunday, when I first started sharing these messages about Jesus and his unshakeable peace. We talked about how even though he knew he was going to face the crucifixion, he never let go of his faith and trust in God. But how? 

Before we go there, I want to share something that happened last night… I was led to read John 17, which is Jesus’ prayer before we was arrested. 

In this prayer he repeatedly speaks of not being of this world, of knowing he was sent here to show us his glory so we would believe he was really sent by God. So we could feel what God really is, pure love. 

All for the purpose of Oneness. We’re all one. No one is left out. 

To know we all have the gift of the Spirit of Truth within us. Guiding us. Helping us. Teaching us. Strengthening us. No exceptions, this includes you and includes me. 

So why is it so hard to understand and accept my worth? The worth beyond what the world has trained us to believe. Beyond being successful or influential. Beyond accomplishments. 

A Course in Miracles says: your worth is determined by God. As long as you dispute this, you will be fearful. 


It also goes on to say, from Jesus, “As a loving brother, I am concerned with your mind, and urge you to follow my example as you look at yourself and your brother, and see in both the glorious creations of a glorious Father.”  

Ok. Let’s talk about glory. 

To me, glory is honoring the light within me. And honoring it within you. I honor it, because God shares it with us. It’s consistent and never changing and universal. We are united in this light and are one with God. As a whole. The course calls it the Sonship. 

When I honor the light, I am at peace with myself and all creations, including the people I’ve put outside of my heart. 

So Jesus knew he wasn’t of this world, he knew his light was universal and coming from God, and he also knew he had to shine his light so we (Jesus included) could feel God’s love. 

Jesus didn’t say I have a feeling I am the light, but maybe if I get more likes, then I’ll step out and shine. Jesus knew that healing the mind would remove anything that blocked the light from shining full out. Jesus prayed to God and said, “I want them to see my glory, which you gave me because you loved me before this world was made.” 

If the channel of my mind is blocked by fear and guilt and complaints, I am blocking Love. If I am blocking Love, I can’t communicate fully with the Holy Spirit, Jesus, “J” if you like that better. And this communication is the will of God. This is how I feel better. 

This is how I remember what I am, what we are in the Sonship. 

Our mission is very simple. And we are on the same mission Jesus was on. Our mission is to live in a way that demonstrates that we are not an ego. 

That we can go beyond the limited thinking of what we’re capable of because when we are open, we have strength waiting for us. Peace is waiting for us. Infinite patience and grace. All that we need in any given moment is waiting for us. 

Let’s be clear on associating misery and fear with the ego and peace and joy with the spirit. And when we forget, we choose again. Over time, we’ll learn for ourselves that one choice brings chaos and the other choice brings peace. 

You feel like you need a miracle right now? Allow yourself to give yourself grace for ever believing you were anything other than pure love. Forgive yourself for ever seeing yourself as unworthy. Forgive yourself for believing the illusion that you aren’t holy. 

The second coming of Christ is the end of the ego’s rule and the healing of our mind. This is what makes us Wholly with a “w”. Whole. Complete. Worthy. 

So let your light shine in all of the glory it has for us. Allow love to flow through you and bring miracles and healing and peace by choosing again. Choosing radical self love. 

The kingdom of heaven is within you. The kingdom of heaven is you!

And when your ego disputes this, say this prayer:

I am Spirit. Pure and whole. All is forgiven and released. This world has nothing to do with what I am. I am Holy light. We are one. Amen.

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