Surrendering Purpose

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Surrendering Purpose with Jules & The Fritz
Jules & The Fritz
Jules & The Fritz
Surrendering Purpose

We don’t hold back in this follow up to Manifesting Purpose; this time it’s all about surrender. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.

No matter what others might think, surrendering isn’t the easy way out. It takes major courage to anchor your life to the idea of it all working for your highest good.

I get it, you want to take your purpose seriously with goals. Hear the main question I ask to help others find their purpose and line up their goals.

And I confess the biggest dream I have, which is currently in progress. It gave me butterflies to share it! Text me and let me know what resonated and gave you butterflies: 229-206-9280

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2 Comments on "Surrendering Purpose"

  1. Jodi T Clark

    LOVE! Starting to explore if I am on the right track for my purpose, or if I need to take another road. Either way (if I stay on the current course or choose another path), I will remember to Surrender, make room for it to work and allow it to work! Thank you Jules!

    • Hey Jodi! So glad you enjoyed this podcast, we are thrilled to be a part of your journey. Stay open in every moment that you can, what you need is always there.

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