Teach Me Intuition

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Jules & The Fritz
Jules & The Fritz
Teach Me Intuition

Since our last episode, MEET THEM WHERE THEY ARE, I started a practice of connecting with others in a very intentional way, similar to the Care Bears. The immediate results have been what I described as wildly Divine. I even phoned my friend and intuition expert, Nil, to break down what I’m doing and why it’s working. And she gives us so much great info! Btw, Josh cracks me up a lot in this one.

  • Hear stories of how Josh & I are using primed intuition to enhance connections with others
  • Learn how we can make those connections without touch or technology
  • Special Guest Nil Demircubuk is an Intuition Teacher and Life Coach who has been practicing intuition with an analytical curiosity for decades
  • Learn more about Nil in her recent blog on JulesLoves.me, Priming for Intuition 

Beyond the story we tell on the Jules Loves Me podcast, we break down the conversation into Spiritual teachings in our membership community at www.theMiracleLab.org

Our mission is to empower others on their journey and we’re doing this by sharing our own real stories of success, struggle, triumph, and of course miracle moments.

Please drop a comment or text 229-206-9280 and let us know what landed with you. Use this link to add me as a contact to your phone now: Jules’ contact card

Sending love and blessings from Hopeful, GA

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