The NEXT Episode

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Jules Loves Me
Jules Loves Me
The NEXT Episode

What do you do when things go wrong or they don’t go as planned? What happens when sadness and/or exhaustion hits or life changes drastically? Or when someone says the words “you are not enough” directly to you?

We — Josh joins me again! — cover these topics after somethings really don’t go as planned! I open wayyyy up my experience with depression and my spiritual + personal growth during heart-shattering situations. I also share how I navigated through feeling like I was wasn’t enough and too much — all at once. You know, the fear of being seen as a mess when you’re trying your best. ugh. Have you ever been there?

This podcast is my favorite outlet for my practice of surrendering by showing up right where I am and standing in the funny yet messy truth of it all.

We shared our post-bedtime parent quality time golden hour to record this episode with you, so join the party by listening here.

Be encouraged and remember, your blessing is heading your way — stay open so it can find you!

All my love, Jules

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  1. Deb Palmer

    Hey Jules & Josh, I’m so glad I listened to this podcast. I felt like we were hanging out after church, sharing a meaningful, deep conversation. (I was participating on my end but y’all couldn’t hear me lol!) What a blessing, in stark contrast to the superficial conversations that occur daily. Thank you for openly sharing your journey, your truth will speak to those who truly listen. I see you creating an amazing retreat in Hopeful, GA! Keep dreaming and manifesting. Love, Deb

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