The Story of Jaiah’s Miracle

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Jules & The Fritz
The Story of Jaiah's Miracle

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Just a few weeks ago, my two-year-old and I were rushed by ambulance to @wolfsonchildren hospital in Jacksonville, FL to get him help. We had no answers on that 3 hr ride and only knew that a blurry CT scan showed a “huge mass” in his abdomen. Find out Jaiah’s rare condition that is always misdiagnosed in kids under 3 and feel what we experienced on the podcast now! 

  • Enjoy the whole story of faith over fear & how we made it through
  • Why I felt like I was in a Die Hard movie at one point
  • Hear of the many miracles that unfolded, guiding us in the chaos 

Let Jaiah’s miracle spark and renew your faith!——- Beyond the story we tell on the Jules Loves Me podcast, we break down the conversation into Spiritual teachings in our membership community at Our mission is to empower others on their journey and we’re doing this by sharing our own real stories of success, struggle, triumph, and of course miracle moments. Please drop a comment or text 229-206-9280 and let us know what landed with you. Sending love and blessings from Hopeful, GA


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