What a Virus Taught Me About Life

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Jules Loves Me
What a Virus Taught Me About Life

I had no idea when we recorded it that we’d be where we are now, but I do know to help others to remember where to find peace, strength, and a safe refuge from the chaos of the world will be our greatest work and blessing to the world.

My normal-non-pandemic life includes: working from home with my partner, homeschooling plus caregiving for twins, and doing my daily inner work and self-care. AND this is my 3rd quarantine since Thanksgiving (flu + strep x’s 2).

I’m here to share what has and will continue to get us through. I’ll keep giving tips, stories, prayers, love, encouragement and guiding you to finding inner peace by building resilience and faith.

I love you and we will get through this because this too shall pass.

With the mass media coverage comes mass fear for many reasons. If you are feeling anxious right now, know you are not alone. Josh and I also filmed a YouTube series offering support for handling stress in all moments, including times like these called “Cultivating Peace in Stressful Moments”.

As always, I’m sending you big love and soul hugs!

Love, Jules

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