You Are The Sky

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Jules & The Fritz
Jules & The Fritz
You Are The Sky

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I had the honor of doing a talk for the Carolina Center for Spiritual Awakening on Sunday, November 28th. And this episode is the audio to my talk! I’m telling the full, funny story of the moment Julian knew it was time to write our book, You Are The Sky. And how our Go Fund Me to self-publish came to be. Hear how this book has started a movement to help kids learn that they are not their feelings.

Video of my talk along with the entire service is online and available on demand via their Facebook page, so please tune in and join us. I’m so grateful to Rev. Christy Snow and Angie Celeste Snow for inviting me to share this message straight from my heart with their gorgeous community.

Donating and sharing mean so much in getting this positive message in the world, please check out our Go Fund Me here:

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